Morgan Newfield

As Principal & Owner of Los Angeles-based Newfield Design, Morgan Newfield’s unique approach to design is based on the philosophy that there’s beauty to be found all around us.

Whether clean and modern, updated traditional, or eclectic and colorful, Morgan’s designs originate from an authentic point of view. Her passion for context, color, light and texture bring a sense of genuine warmth and beauty to every project. Over the past 20 years of experience working in the industry, Morgan has developed a reputation of collaborating with her clients individually in order to cultivate their own personal style and incorporate their unique needs into her designs.

Morgan’s portfolio of work includes ground up residential construction projects, renovations of historical homes, luxury boutique hotels, and chic restaurants. She also appreciates smaller room-by-room renovations and is energized by connecting with her clients and designing spaces that complement their lifestyles.